Quality and Efficiency

... is what the enterprise expects from the radiology department; and PACS must follow. Experience a PACS that delivers.

As a comprehensive cross-disciplinary subject, radiology is an integral part of the supply chain of care in hospitals. With their findings, radiologists supply an often critical prerequisite for the relevant departments. The rapid provision of findings enables the caregiving doctors to lay down the patient’s ongoing therapy without needlessly causing delays. Thanks to rapid progress in imaging devices, datasets in radiology are being produced in ever higher resolutions. These demand efficient processing so as not to delay care. The Digital Medics PACS is very well-suited to a smooth workflow with large volumes of data.

HD Distribution

PACS vendors usually offer a multitude of different versions of their PACS viewer to cover the many application scenarios encountered in radiology: there may be a "Workstation" for radiologists, which provides lossless image display to adhere to image reading regulations; a "Viewer" for departments might only display lossy compressed images to reduce network load; some non-radiologists physicians might consider double-checking the lossless images themselves a necessity, so they are provided with a "Review"-client. Add an "extended" or "advanced" version for post-processing to this diverse mix and the confusion is complete.

Thanks to Digital Medics, hostpitals can finally cover all scenarios with just one software version: the HD Web Viewer. The Web Viewer implements the VivoNet transfer protocoll and as such facilitates lossless image distribution even to department computers. Now image quality is now longer confined by the version name of the software you're using, but merely by the choice of the monitor the software is displayed on. This also empowers you to upgrade the viewing experience at each location where needed. Without asking the PACS vendor for permission.   

When it comes to diagnostic reading at the radiology deparment, Digital Medics also chose simplicity: all post-processing and workflow features are an integral part of the software. No modules, no hidden cost, no limits. One workstation; feature complete.

Web based QA

Continuous data maintenance is an important task of professional radiology departments. Usually this task is carried out by technicians. Last-generation PAC systems provided dedicated QA workstations that confined this task to selected locations. In addition to data maintenance these QA workstations could also import external patient CDs into PACS and burn patient CDs for the department.

Typically this rigid technical arrangement forced QA staff to postpone this important procedure for days, because they just couldn't squeeze a contiguous time slot into their hectic daily schedule.  

Digital Medics helps to remedy this conflict by providing a fully web based maintenance, burning and importing interface for its PACS. Install a supported internet browser onto any machine and turn it into a QA workstation.

A ubuiqitous QA interface streamlines the departments workflow and allows for parallel execution and work distribution among the QA staff.