Digital Medics' Corporate History

Digital Medics was founded in 2005 by Martin Wawro, Pedram Hadjian, and Nico Karnatz. As a spinoff of the Chair for Computer Sciences VII (“Graphic Systems”) of the TU Dortmund University, right from the start the team could look back on research projects in the field of radiology. Now was the time to use the amassed experience to raise the bar of the quality of radiological diagnosis with a modern and fast image processing platform.

Within the first years, the three computer scientists developed the user interface VivoLab. Already at its launch in 2008, VivoLab had not just functions common to a PACS, like hanging protocols. It also had fully integrated post-processing functions like MIP/MPR and VR as well as a pen-based volumetric quantification. Right from the start, the development was done in close cooperation with professional radiologists. After the launch, Digital Medics could convince new customers of the fast and fully-featured software solution as well as of the dynamic plan ahead. Digital Medics was named the “Multimedia Startup of the Year” in 2009 by the Federal Ministry for Commerce and Technology.

Digital Medics saw the signs of the times: for future functions of a diagnostic station, high-resolution data is a must. Even today, very few competitors’ PAC systems can archive and transfer them. Even back then, Digital Medics invested in the development of the required backend infrastructure.

Building on this, with the high-performance archive VivoSafe for storage of unheard-of amounts of data and the VivoNet transfer technology, Digital Medics landed the next coup. In 2011, Digital Medics installed the PACS in a clinical complex of 1400 beds and four locations, and thus proved the special capabilities of their solutions for distributed locations and telemedical and teleradiological connections. In the same year, the company expanded to Saudi Arabia and in 2012 expects strong growth in installations in the Orient.

In the future, Digital Medics will continue to expand its national and international market share and continue to use the latest technologies and highest quality to offer patients and radiologists the best platform on the market.