With Digital Medics products, a huge variety of usages are possible. On the following pages, we describe some common cases which are predominantly supported by Digital Medics products. If your current project doesn’t fit well with these descriptions, we would be pleased to hear from you at and we will recommend special solutions tailored to your needs.


Under the german X-ray regulation, teleradiology describes examinations where the radiologist is not at the location of the exam’s technical execution. Based on this definition, in recent times, more and more service models are being developed thanks to improved wide-area networks (WAN) and new transfer technologies like VivoNet. Digital Medics is reacting to this trend and developed fast solutions based on modern technology that best supports such scenarios. Find out more about the following case studies:

Clinical Networks

With Digital Medics products, it is now possible to make imaging data available almost without limit, even beyond geographic boundaries. In particular location-independent processes are well supported by the appropriate Digital Medics products: The produced images and findings are simply and efficiently provided just where they are needed. Find out more on the following pages about the details of the various case studies:


Because of DRG-based payments for hospital services, the shortening of hospital stays for patients has become a critical factor in the analysis of cost-effectiveness. Next to optimizing clinical workflows, the rapid access to diagnostic results is necessary to complete therapies without delay. Images must be available in the entire building, often even across the whole hospital corporation – and that right away. On the one hand, as always there is the doctor’s art, but on the other clear demands on cost-effectiveness. To fulfill these goals, Digital Medics has identified three important aspects of a PACS: