The Digital Medics PACS stands out thanks to the one-of-a-kind speed of its integrated post-processing and modern transfer technology. Get an overview of its powerful components on the following pages. To find out more about possible usages of these products, have a look at our Solutions pages. Experience the PACS of the next generation.


VivoLab is Digital Medics’ flagship product and represents the diagnostic software. As a medical product, VivoLab bears the CE seal, class IIb, and stands out thanks to its high speed and manifold post-processing capabilities, such as MIP/MPR or VR. VivoLab is offered in several versions: A classic version with two diagnostic monitors and a RIS is available, as is a pen-based display from Wacom. Find out more on the following pages about the functions in the areas


VivoNet is Digital Medics’ proprietary transfer technology, which is deeply integrated into the other products in the Digital Medics PACS. With VivoNet, it is at last possible to archive, distribute and post-process high-resolution thin-slice data in a PACS, all without having to worry about technical limits. Whether in a local hospital network or over an Internet connection, VivoNet optimizes the transfer as needed. The availability of thin-slice data makes it finally possible to use visualizations in the doctor’s consultation, to reformat at the teleradiological workspace, and to distribute lossless images even in the ward. It gets better: Even PAC systems from other providers can be accelerated with a VivoNet Adapter. Find out more about


VivoSafe is the long-term archive system from Digital Medics. It supports a large number of various archiving strategies. Naturally, all VivoSafe interfaces are compliant with HL7 and DICOM, so that integrating it into your institution’s IT landscape is simple. After deployment, an easy-to-use Web interface for data maintenance makes it easy to fit into your radiological workflow. Click on the following links for details about the areas of: