Management Team

Das Digital Medics Management Team
f.l.t.r.: Martin Wawro, Nico Karnatz, Pedram Hadjian. Photo: Jennifer Braun and Hanna Witte

Martin Wawro, CEO

Martin Wawro leads the development of all Digital Medics products and is also one of the founders of the company. Until 2006 research assistant at the institute of computer graphcis at the TU-Dortmund and conducted many research projects with clinical partners in areas of image processing, computer graphics, solid-state physics and computational fluid dynamics.

Martin holds a degree in computer science from the Technical University of Dortmund and won multiple founder awards ever since, notably from the german Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Nico Karnatz, Head of Support

Nico Karnatz is the Head of Support at Digital Medics and is a founding member and leads development of Digital Medics' image storage solutions. He speaks DICOM fluently and successfully manages a multitude of complex server setups at customer sites.

Before his time at Digital Medics he worked for almost 7 years at a medium sized company with a personnel number of 1300 working among 28 different locations. There he was head of development for mission critical telephony solutions that were in use at hundereds of business customers.

By now, Nico can look back on 13+ years of software development experience for commercial projects. And this doesn't even account for all the hacking he's done at home.

Pedram Hadjian, Sales Manager

Pedram Hadjian is responsible for Sales and Marketing at Digital Medics and is a founding member. Before leading sales, he was responsible for project management and on-site support. Pedram started life at Digital Medics as a front-end programmer for the PACS-Workstation.

During his studies in computer science at the Technical University of Dortmund, he worked as a systems administrator at the Institute of Computer Graphics at the TU-Dortmund. Pedram holds a degree in computer science from TU-Dortmund since 2005.