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Make the switch from an institution-wide image-call to an enterprise-wide image communication.


A hospital spread over multiple locations is a particular challenge for organizing workflows and image transfers in radiology. The radiologists’ rotation plan is heavily influenced by the location of the equipment. Most PACS vendors try to remedy this situation by employing complex time dependent routing rules. 

The hospital's dynamic daily routine, however, seldomly conforms to such rigid limits. Unplannable reading is commonplace: A colleague’s consultation at a different location, private patient cases that need to be read by the chief radiologist – these are just a few examples that can’t be captured by a fixed set of rules.

To solve this problem, Digital Medics developed the transfer technology VivoNet. This makes it possible to have a location-independent service model though the universal availability of any chosen imaging data. Even full-motion high-resolution heart catheter films can be accessed with VivoNet from any location with acceptable speed.

This is possible thanks to three aspects of VivoNet’s protocols:

  • Streaming transfer,
  • the proprietary compression mechanism (up to factor 6)
  • and the demand-driven prioritization.

A complete description of this technology is available on the VivoNet product page.

Act now – don’t try to predict your institutions image flow. Instead, use modern technology and today you can save one of your hospital's most valuable resources – the radiologist’s time.

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Subsequent Treatment and Consultations

Particularly given the background of integrated care, selective data communication between cooperating hospitals is ever more important. The quality of institution-independent provision of health care is essentially dependent on the exchange of data amongst the participating institutions.

Before a patient referral, getting an expert opinion on imaging exams can provide guidance in decisionmaking. After the referral, the additional transmission of imaging data to complete the patient record is even more critical. Furthermore, independent of the referral, second opinions from consultants in cases of unclear diagnoses can benefit the care process.

What these case studies have in common is that in each case, given the organizational separation of partners, it wouldn’t make sense to have unrestricted access to the database of a partner. Rather, the above are singular cases in which short-term decisions must be made. Thus, a mechanism is necessary that lets radiologists manually grant access to partners to single cases, and that such accessibility takes into account the different IT landscapes in the various locations.

Just such a scenario is easy to resolve with Digital Medics’ VivoNet Adapter solution. The VivoNet Adapter broadcasts itself to the home network on both sender and recipient levels as a DICOM-compliant node, and transfers between the participants using the efficient VivoNet Transfer Protocol.

Participating partners now appear as simple DICOM nodes to the PACS. The transfer via encrypted channels and the necessary conversions (DICOM to VivoNet on the sender level, and VivoNet to DICOM on the recipient level) is fully transparent for the user.

No invasive changes to the IT landscapes of the communication partners, no additional sending and receiving software on the users’ workstations. Use the high speed and powerful scalability of VivoNet technology without wasting time on system integration or training, and take an important step towards “integrated care”.

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The smooth transfer of radiology orders and findings between referrers and radiologists plays a critical role in the endurance of the relationship between them. As different as the various referrers can be in their demands, so to must the possibilities in connections be flexible.

Being able to simply and rapidly access your images using the practice’s computers should be just as much an integral part of your radiology services as connecting using a full-scale VivoLab Workstation. In both cases, the referrer has the VivoNet Web interface at their fingertips for placing orders.

Digital Medics offers solutions for all kinds of demands. The spectrum stretches from connecting using the VivoLab Web Viewer using a dedicated VivoLab Workstation, to connecting using a VivoNet Adapter, which can take on large amounts of data quickly and distributes them to the local network.

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