Data Maintenance

Web based and simple. An archive that almost maintains itself.

Archiving sensitive imaging data is far more than just saving medical images on a hard drive array. Data maintenance in the digital age is just as much a mark of quality in radiology as managing order entries, scheduling appointments, or maintaining service documentation.

Data Import

The standardized exchange of patient data between care providers is a topic of major interest in integrated care. However, there is still a long road ahead. Even so, the seamless availability of relevant imaging data is a must for diagnosis.

To that end, Digital Medics offers special reader stations: the VivoSafe Import Gateways. These small devices are equipped with a DVD drive, and can be placed at central locations while being managed using a web browser on an available PC. 

That means no additional keyboards or mice, and no extra user interface, since the Import Gateway is controlled using the simple VivoSafeWeb browser-based access.

After importing, simply reconcile the remote images with a dedicated radiology order, and the imported examination is assigned automatically to the appropriate patient as a prior record. 

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