Support of work processes, Integration into the daily work cyle: it's what VivoLab does everyday.

Until recently, speed and post-processing were in conflict with functions that support radiological workflows. This chasm is now bridged by the VivoLab Workstation. Reformat during your consultation or save your preferred volumetric visualization as a bookmark – and all that at high speed. With VivoLab, at last you can integrate modern diagnostic tools into your daily routine.



Are your display settings just right for your diagnosis – screen layout, windowing, zoom level and angle for volume rendering just as they should be? One press of a button saves all these settings as a bookmark so that your preferred view can be reconstructed in mere seconds.

Once the bookmark is selected, you can page through all image stacks and the volume rendering can still be rotated analogously. If the bookmark function is used in MPR mode, VivoLab even restores the rendering angles for each sectional plane. 

The bookmarks are saved with a screenshot of the current view, so that you can export the image as a JPEG, PNG, or original DICOM file with the press of a button. 

Save any view you want, and reuse your preferred view in MPR mode in your next clinical conference without wasting valuable time searching for the perfect angle.

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